Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Photo Graphy Assignment Numero First

The creeper by the bike rack near the library? Ya, that was me.

I am Ronaldo, the super puppy fire hydrant! 

Groot that was, and to Groot it shall return. 
(But not really since it is made of plastic)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A photo I found under piles of computer files.

I like taking photos, but the quality is inconsistent at best.  This is from a trip to Hawaii in November of 2011, and, for me at least, this is a really nice shot.  The greens are vibrant, the texture of the churned up sand next to the smooth surface of the shoreline is a visually interesting contrast.  The sky grows from the cloudy pale blue of the horizon to a more vivid blue seen through the palm fronds, and there is the movement of the ocean around the shore rocks frozen in place.  I also like the way the photo is divided between the different textures of the setting, the rocks, sand, shore, sea, sky, and flora.  And this is what I like to take photos of, the outside.  I once took a trip to Yellowstone and took a million shots of Morning Glory pool, feeling like none of the pictures I was taking could fully capture the depth and vibrancy of the pool.  I wanted to take home the awe I felt looking into the water, but could not capture it on film.

Ooooohhhh!! Things just got real! But not really.

I am hijacking my own blog!!!  And I am taking you all with me!  All 6 of you!

Now you may be asking yourself if you should pack anything?  Clean socks, or snacks, maybe the good sunblock?  Really, Rachel, what does this hijacking entail because there are sooo many responsibilities and frankly who can afford to be hijacked for too long before these responsibilities come knocking at the door, or tugging shirt sleeves, asking for cookies.  Mmmm cookies...cinnamon cookies...lemon glazed ricotta cookies...Nutella cookies...Great Grandma Huff's peanut butter cookies...mmmmm.  Wait, I was hijacking you, stop distracting me with delicious cookies!

On with the hijacking!!!

Now with that introduction, here is the anticlimactic, and sadly cookie free, hijacking.  Or rather, think of it more as a forced journey--of school work.  Dun dun dun.

School work?!  Gasp!  

Yes, I'm afraid so.  You see, I am taking a photography class...

Gasp..oh, photography, that's not so bad. 

...and will be posting photos here as part of a class requirement.  Feel free to comment on them, suggest things which will improve the shot, or what you liked that I should continue to try to replicate, etc.

And now, for the school work!  Eventually.