Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pom Trouble

For several years now, I have given Sister a pomegranate for her birthday; sometimes accompanied by wrapped things, sometimes not.  It wasn't until Nephew was 5 years old (and two days) that he saw the produce I gave his mom and had to try it.  Now, Nephew is not what you would call an adventurous eater, most food is viewed with suspicion and disdain, though sometimes he surprises you with requests for your food (which means you will never see your samosa again, even though he said it was too spicy).  But after trying some of the kernel-seed-pulpy-juicy-what-ever-they-are things, he wanted a pom for his birthday, and reminded me often over the next few months.

His 6th birthday is where we pick up the story.

 Nephew: Yay a pomegranate!  Thanks, Auntie.
Me: Yay, I win best Auntie gift until he opens up toys!

 Sister: (tinted with family sarcasm) Oh wow, how did you know?  It is such a surprise.
Me: Yay, I win best sister gift given every year!
Nephew: Just like I got on my birthday!

 Niece: Auntie, I wanna ponnaganite like mommy and brother.  I want to eat one all by my self too.
Me: Sweetie, your birthday is in the winter, and pomegranates are for the fall and might not be in the stores for your birthday.
Niece: I wanna eat one all by my self like mommy and brother for my birthday! 

Pomegranate 1: Welcome to the gun show!
Pomegranate 2: Ba ha, anything after us is just leftovers!

 Old Pom: What? It's your geese's shirt day?  Huh!  In my day, geese didn't wear shirts!

 This year no more birthday poms!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Haven't Lived!

Unpack all the things?!
  Look at that!

Who puts year round shedding trees by patios?

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la

 Roommate, I am home.  How much did you get unpa...

 SOOO many needles on the patio and in the gutter.

   I mean, who hasn't been distracted from work by a compelling need to sweep the patio?

-I never have.
-You've never lived!