Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloggy love!

I just finished "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall and I started wondering more about barefoot running and "barefoot" shoes, which I googled. This almost completely presented me with articles, most of the ones I scanned were of the MSN or Yahoo homepage "this guy said this one thing and i kinda agree, what do you think" variety. We all know the type, a page long, half is an anecdote, a quarter is regurgitated info, and the rest is opinion. But then I came across a neuro-anthropology blog (I know the source of info - whatever). This one, this entry, is beautiful. It is intelligent without being esoteric, layman's language without being overly simplistic or patronizing. The information provided comes with references, most from science journals or papers, some from other scientific blogs...and I just really really love the way this blog entry is formed! And, and I want more stuff to find this ideal place of intelligent and informative, without relying on PhD speak, or gotchas. Sigh. Such a great blog entry!
Umm the linked one, not this one sounding vaguely like a high pitch "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE" accompanied by amorous looks which can be slightly creepy.