Thursday, December 22, 2011

Incredulous Frosting

You know when you are standing around chatting with friends, and make a seemingly innocuous comment.
Ya, I don't like frosting.
 The reactions can be pretty extreme.

Heads explode into all sorts of pretty streamers and confetti.
But.  But.  Pjjjkkkkkk!

Elderly men defend their devastated wives from your vile confessions.
Stay away from my Edith, you frosting hating she devil!

People equate what you just said with harming kittens.
In frantic desperation, people begin looking for the exception.
But what about cream cheese frosting, every one loves cream cheese frosting!

Now, you are reminded of why you avoid this confession all together.
Just eat around the frosting, and no one explodes.
What wins you incredulous looks?