Thursday, October 23, 2014

Window, window in the wall...

  This project was about utilizing window light in portraiture.  In other news, I have fantastic friends who model for me.  Aren't they gorgeous?!!!

This is a cropped picture taken in the Grant building in the late morning.  The light floods this hallway and lit her up wonderfully, and was at the perfect angle to create a clear reflection.  

He'd just finished cleaning up after devotional and agreed to be my underpaid model.  The light comes in mostly to his side, though he is looking through the glass, creating a fantastic shadowing on the right side of his face and neck.  

We were in the Seasider when the table next to the window opened up, so I handed her my soup and sticks and had her pose, and also eat some to see if that would work.  I like how the light falls across her forehead and follows down the bridge of her nose to her chin.  Also the light outlining her arm.  I am not a fan of the background however.  It's too much and distracting.

This I didn't turn this in, but I thought it would be nice to contrast the cropped and the uncropped photos.  Which do you prefer? 

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  1. Ooo, lovely shots! I do like your cropping. Cool to see the I cropped one for contrast.